Increase Your Butt Size

increase butt size-09“Flat butts”, to some people it’s not very appealing for their personality. People with flat butts often find it humiliating to be part of big crowds as they do not feel very good when someone talks about their flat butt. People with flat butts are often called off by different names, like sag bum or sag ass, which not only narrow down their appearance but also impact them psychologically. This problem is mainly with the female gender of our population. To be exclusive in style having a good bum is what makes them look perfect, to some extent this concern of women is right. Having aligned and lifted booty not only gives grooming effect to the personality but it does offer women to wear and follow different types of dress and apparels they want to, in order to make them outstanding in front of everyone. But it’s unfortunate that to increase butt size is not in hands of a human being. They depend on what types of genes you carry or what type of life style you have gone through. There have been several cases in which people especially ladies have been found to become victims of different mental issues pertaining to the fact of having flat butts.

The issues that have been mainly found out are as follow:

Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety and panic refers to when a person shows exaggerated expressions of feelings which are not control able by them such as being tense, stressed or uncertain. Usually women with flat butts experience these kinds of feelings when their appearance is criticized by their acquaintances, or they find themselves to be less appealing then their friend, it may also make them a victim of inferiority complex, which is not good for them in long term.

Bipolar disorders

This state of mental disorder depicts when a person feel extreme irritability restlessness and depression. A number of females have been found who are going through such issues because they are not happy with the way they look. Such issue also arises when women use measures to increase butt size but of no avail, they get messed up

Body dysmorphic disorder

This is the most common mental disorder issue find today in every 10th women who have flat butts. This disorder signifies how you feel about your body image. The women who are suffering from this kind of disorder suffer from problems like feeling of shame, isolation, self harm, excessive use of drugs.

Loneliness or disassociation with others

This type of feeling arises when women no longer wants to be part of crowds parties, because they don’t want to be seen by many people because of their appearance and they think people will make fun of them. This can also lead to depression and isolation, which is not good for psychological health of a person.

In order to make women come out of this issue several alternative measures have been developed that can help to increase butt size to some extent. These may involve:

  • Exercises
  • Surgery/implant/fat injections.
  • Specific Clothing

There have been implemented a number of exercises by different fitness experts that are concerned mainly for lifting your booty. The exercises are said to be effective if performed with determination and in right posture. The exercises are:

  • Heel sky rise
  • Single leg ballet kicks
  • Lower half lunge
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Bridge
  • Bottle

All these exercises are aimed to increase butt size by training your glute muscles. These exercises do involve determination and are time taking but the effects they will left are natural and permanent.

Surgery is not considered to be the healthiest way to increase butt size. But if you want long term results it is the best option available, it does involve two aspects that is of implants and fat injections in which fats are transferred from your other body parts and are concentrated towards your booty area.

The last option available is the most convenient option one can have that is of clothing. Using padded panties, booty lifters and shapers do provide a recognizable boost and increase butt size as you may like.